Letters from Hispaniola…

It looks like there is at least a small glimmer of hope in getting Trump out of the White House before 2020. At very least he likely won’t be re-elected.

Here’s hoping he gets thrown out of office if not thrown in jail.

Things have been slow down here. We found a great new cafe — it’s always been here but it’s new to us. And we may get a gig there. I’m working on it but things are going slow. I am going slow. Just haven’t been very inspired lately and been kind of dizzy-minded — out of sorts. Adrift, not making any progress but not too worried about it either.

Probably just need a break from thinking or trying.

Tomorrow we’re going on a road trip to Santiago with our friends Lisa and Tony. That ought to be a nice break and change.

The weather’s been phenomenally beautiful, and we’ve been getting some rejuvenating hikes in the mornings and afternoons.

Well, since I didn’t get this message off to you yesterday we went to Santiago today and had a nice time checking out the town and taking in the fantastically exotic Caribbean island sights along the way.

It turns out that Santiago basically has everything one could want or need. The DR has two huge shops that are very similar to Walmart — without the employee abuse. One is called Jumbo and the other is Sirena. There are also a couple of malls that have all kinds of clothes, household items, garden furniture, barbecue grills, electronic gadgetry, and all the other things that American malls have. There are also all the fast food joints and American restaurants from McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s to KFC, and TGI Fridays.

There are some really neat thatched-roof and rustic cafes all along the way. Some along the wilder sections of the roadsides and others situated inconceivably stuffed in among the other storefronts along sidewalks in the beachside towns. These very local cafes and open-air diners are a very cool aspect of the DR.

We bought a small hand cart for portaging our water and groceries, a sink drain filter and stopper, some bargain-priced tuna, a shirt for Melinda, and some popcorn for tonight’s tv session. Just a few small tidbits that we haven’t been able to find around here.

We don’t tend to need much, and the things that we do get serve practical and functional purposes.

The sun is setting, its golden-silvery glow illuminating the green-yellow palms like some kind of giant surrealistic tiki lamps. The trade winds are cool and assertively fluttering through the trees which are rustling and swaying in the breezes. The temperature is a perfectly comfortable 26°C (80°F), 74% humidity and 14 mph winds.

Various tropical birds are singing — their songs can be heard clearly above the rainlike sounds of the sizzling palms.

A freakishly large glaring red-orange sun just sank over the western horizon far to the north of the haze-flanked dark purple silhouette of Mount Isabel de Torres looming above Puerto Plata which we passed through a mere 2.5 hours ago.

Evening birds and crickets are beginning to add their voices to the shifting chorus of sounds in the winds.

It’s another incredibly beautiful and serene night. Writing can come when it comes.

Bliss rules the moment.