Renn Loren, not just another ukulele-wielding, guitar-strumming freelance writer…

Salud and Tikis2Ya! Stay thirsty, my friends.

I am a writer of songs and prose. Been that way all of my life. Music took precedence for many years – decades even. But I finally got back to literary writing somewhere around 2015 or so thanks to Brad Goins at Lagniappe Magazine in Lake Charles, Louisiana. So in that way, I kind of became a Southern writer, even though I am possessed of a Hawaiian heart and an islander’s soul.

In 2017 I set that right when I hopped a plane headed away from the hostility of a temperate continent and bailed out somewhere over the north coast of the relative tropical island paradise of the Dominican Republic.

Sure, I know one person’s paradise is another person’s scrap heap, but I am a creature of warmer latitudinal origins, and I lived way too many years in the tropically-challenged climes and culture of Norway. Norway is as far from Hawaii in mentality, attitude, and climate as it is possible to get.

It was high time for this wayward soul to get back a little closer to the equator.

I thought I’d eased totally out of music but that was not to be the case. One night after a particularly wild session of angst-fueled rummery I stumbled upon the great lost mythological Baja Tiki Tribe. They handed me a ukulele anointed by the excreta of several native species of winged creatures. I strummed and plucked singing to and with the birds and several species of swaying palm trees in the wind and it was good.

It seems I’m not quite so finished with musical exploits as I’d previously thought.

I miss Hawaii but the Caribbean ain’t bad, either. Now everything I write—music as well as prose—is somehow informed, influenced, and addled by a borrowed island and a bottle of rum.

Stay tuned for my continuing adventures and missteps. I’ve had a lifetime full of each and do not see that changing anytime soon.

A much longer and thoroughly detailed version of my ongoing story can be found in The Continuing Adventures of TikiMon and the Irie Island Girl.

Salud and Tikis2Ya!

Stay tuned and stay thirsty my friends!

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