Renn Loren Freelance Writer

Renn Loren: somewhere on or near the Dominican Republic

I have written columns, articles, essays, op-eds, food, drink, restaurant, and music reviews, interviews, human interest pieces, biographies, travel blips, quips, and bits as well as events coverage and reportage right on up to cover stories and features. I have written for magazines, websites, other artists, and newspapers with a fresh, unique perspective and flow unhampered by any notion of what writing should be. My writing is what it is: short, sharp, concise, and to the point with a few intriguing and compelling amusements along the way.

You want words, I live them. You need words, I breathe them.

Big words, small words, absurd words, meaningful words, words for a world in need of sense, words of revolution and revolt, revolting words, appealing words, words of wonder, words of beauty, informative words, words of profound description and ultrafine superlative detail – wordsmithery, wordplay, a blazing brilliant wonderment of words are all yours simply for the asking. So just ask!

My office, my environment, my fuel

Freelancer with a Musically Fresh Flow of Words

A songwriting and musical background result in a lyrical style of prose with an ability to put potentially volatile subjects or issues across in a way that entices and encourages discussion and discourse rather than conflict and confrontation. It is a style which eases the communication and comprehension of not so common or readily understood ideas.

Firstly and foremostly; I am a communicator who is versed in the universal language of music and song. And that informs everything I scribble, scrawl, or scratch.

Sunset musings and beckoning horizons

Reach Out!

If you need some creative and expressive yet focused and concise writing reach out and give me a shout at You’ll be amused you did! Renn Loren