The Randy’s Back Tour Now Underway on the North Coast of Hispaniola

Aloha Baja Tiki Tribalistas!

Low and behold our wayward drummer returned briefly from the far-off frozen north to join us for some truly inspired gigs around Cabarete and Sosúa!

To say they were magical would be an understatement. I haven’t felt this inspired about music in years! David and Randy are not only a dream team rhythm section, but they also add some amazing harmonies to or Island-Rock-Tex-Mex-Caribbilly™ sound.

There is seriously rewarding chemistry between us that speaks of great things yet to come.

Come see us this Tuesday, July 30, 2019, at Parada Tipica El Choco for the apertivo (free appetizers and dance session) from 5-7 pm.

So stay tuned and stay thirsty my friends, and


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